We're Dead

by Get Over It

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R.I.P. G.O.I.


released July 15, 2016

Produced, Recorded & Mastered by Stu McKillop in November 2015 @ RainCity Recorders in Vancouver, British Columbia
All songs written by Get Over It
All lyrics written by Douglas Phillips
Artwork by Oozerton

Gang Vocals by Jason, Geoff, Matt, Douglas, Jonny & Stu

Get Over It was:

Jason Myers - Guitar
Geoff Price - Drums
Matt Thomas - Bass
Douglas Phillips - Vocals





all rights reserved


Get Over It Vancouver, British Columbia

Get Over It was a heavy four piece that drew on a myriad of influences from metal, thrash & hardcore

R.I.P. G.O.I.

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Track Name: Pandora's Horse
This is your new home
Skin boils as your raked over coals
Frostbite kills the pain of the cold
You cough and splutter as your lungs fill with blood
Throwing curses in your state of disdain
Day after day losing someone you love
Wasting prayers for an end to the pain

You’re not dead yet

Live for the darkness
Light fades away
Chained to the altar
Sacrificed by the day
And as you pass the torch
They turn the other cheek

A constant fate
The future bleak
At dawn awake
To the eagle’s shriek

Offal, intestines wrapped up in skin
Heap of bones, covered with fat
Disease and suffering now issue forth
Hope remains, no going back

Embrace your own destruction

You’re not dead yet
Price to beget
And you know that
There’s no end

Earth is full of evils and sorrows self-imposed
Painful to suffer
Torture to behold
Track Name: Fall At The Feet Of Matthias
Embezzling salvation
Put up in
Sycamore tree when…

Spotted in the branches
Zacchaeus by name intended
Death of a tax collector
Write off your resurrection

Fall at the feet of Matthias

Plant the faith about Cappadoccia
Stoned to death in the city of cannibals
Pontificate to barbarians
Buried there near the Temple of the Sun

Fall at the feet of Matthias
Track Name: Through The 7 Gates
Children of Tiamat
Poison as their blood
Monstrous they writhe
Born before the flood
Winged cursed vipers
Demise within their bite
Seven-headed serpents
Consuming all in sight

Terror dragon demons
In fearsomeness they rage

Adorned by headdress of horns
Scaled wings and taloned feet
Head framed by hair in two braids
Soft corners carve the beautiful beast

Lion, mighty in strength
Kept cast in the pit
Steed, proud in battle
Destined for the whip
Shepherd of the flock
Killing whats at stake
Turned now to a wolf
His hounds worry his flanks

Crash the gates
Wrench the locks
Concede their opposition
Smash the door posts
Force the doors
Their numbers eclipsed by death’s corse
Through the 7 gates
Each wicket stripping bare
Bring up the dead to eat the living
Permission allowed
Accorded to ancient decree
Plagued now
By sacred cursed disease
Track Name: The Shadow That Creeps
As the night falls
Exhaustion gnaws
Lying in your bed
You feel yourself yawn
Thoughts swimming
As you rest your weary head
Then your sight blurs
The world dimming
As you’re drifting off to sleep
The dark inters
And then gives cause
To shadow’s there that creep

You can sense it watching
Lurking at the door
And then the room goes cold
As you feel it cross the floor

Dark demon
Eyes burn bright
Your movement it arrests
Fear deepens
No screaming
As it presses on your chest

As your life is sucked out
Immobile doomed to wait
Nowhere to hide now
The nightmare holds your fate
It’s face draws closer
Mouth lined with sharpened teeth
You can feel it’s breath warm
As you beseech death’s sweet release

Old hag
Night mare
Old hag
Night mare
Track Name: 57
Foot to the floor
Descent in to desert
Beneath rumble boards
Into the chaos beyond the nevermore

And it was there
In that blighted place
That he learned to
Live again

Highway 9, Sector 26
Interceptor pursuit specialist
World it crumbles
As men begin to feed on men
Cities explode (life is now just living)
In this wasted land (you can hear death listening)
Remember where you are (haunted by the demons)
Ordinary is smashed
Out on the roads
White line nightmare

So beware
The darkness’ full embrace
And learn how to
Live again
Be ready to wage war
In this maelstrom of decay
Firestorm of fear
The roar of an engine
You lose yourself
Become a shell - a burnout
Desolate - choking on the ashes
Wander on
When you should
Just walk away
Track Name: Hephaestus, Forge The Lance
Secret of Nim
First theres ever been
Best is yet to come
Ferranti Mark I
Hear the song of CSIRAC
Automatic Computing Engine
Intelligent machinery the moment that

Curiosity - Hunger - Happiness - Fear
Only one chance

So know your environment
Maximize chance of success
Covert intelligent agent
Your personhood (A) derivative sapience

From Linnaeus, Diurnus
Today you are man of the day
Weary of your self awareness
Event horizon
Affective loop

Curiosity - Hunger - Happiness - Fear
Only one chance
<probabilities> = maybe {MAYBE} | probably {PROBABLY} | certainly {CERTAINLY}

Only one chance
Hephaestus, forge the lance

(get/gets/got) FIRE {|Fire| increased your health condition}
<only EFFECT> = nothing happens {NOTHING | <condition> = if/when/in case}
<efffect> = ([WILL] die | dies | died | killed)
only one chance
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
<live | die | repeat>
Track Name: Call To Aktaion
Stumble out on to the clearing
There in the moon’s light
Perfection stands
Bathed by the crescent
You catch the movement
Flash of reflection
Dip of an eyelid
Dart of a hand

Quiver upon her shoulders
The wretch that touched her dress still lies
Struck there in that moment
Your body metamorphasized

Impious sons of Earth persecute you
Slay the pretenders to unwedded virginity
Driven upon the spears there between them
Love so far beyond their reach
Over the shadowy hills and windy peaks
She draws her golden bow
Surrounded now by beasts
The hunt becomes the chase
As she sends out grievous shafts

Maiden divinity
Never conquered by love
Philomeirax Paedotrophus
Protectress of the young
Thea Soteira
The suffering are cured
Thea Apollousa
Plague and death upon the world

Swift in the course, in dreadful arrows skilled
Wandering by night, rejoicing in the field
Immortal, earthly, bane of monsters fell
Foe of the stag
Dread guardian goddess